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Zalli Foods Ltd.


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Zalli Foods is an agro processing company that develops and produces nutritious snacks made from African fruits and superfoods. The company was launched in early 2017 with its line of Toasted Coconut Chips under the SOA | Snacks of Africa consumer brand. It also produces high quality dried fruits (mango and pineapple) for bulk and wholesale distribution.

The company stands on 3 pillars of impact:

+Women & youth empowerment: Zalli Foods is woman owned and operated with 70% of its workforce being women and 100% under the age of 30. +Stable market access for smallholder farmers (80% of Ghana’s coconuts are  produced by smallholders. +Contribution towards the diversification of Ghana’s industrial sector beyond Gold and Cocoa production.

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Zalli Foods Ltd.

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