ADM launches algae-based DHA, EPA blends

3 Jul 2019

ADM has unveiled a new line of Onavita Algal DHA and Almega EPA blends available via a collaboration with algae cultivator Qualitas Health.

ADM is offering three different EPA/DHA blends containing omega-3, 6 and 9, which it says offer benefits that can help support cognitive, heart, immune system or eye health.

ADM launches algae-based DHA, EPA blends

The new products are said to be renewably sourced in the U.S. and to be suitable for supplement applications. They join ADM’s line of nutritional oils and powders, including Onavita Algal DHA Powders, Onavita Algal DHA Oils and Onavita Flaxseed Oil

“Today’s consumers are looking for ready-to-consume food and beverages that provide specific health benefits,” said Vikram Luthar, president, Health & Wellness, ADM. “Our expansive array of plant-based omega-3s do just that, offering functionality to help support cognitive, heart and eye health in every stage of life. We’re proud to expand our offering with this new line of DHA and EPA blends.”

“Qualitas Health’s purpose is to create sustainable food solutions for everyone and our planet,” said Qualitas Health CEO Miguel Calatayud. “Partnering with ADM is a significant step towards our goal of bringing sustainable ingredients into the global supply chain.”

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