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Titan Biotech is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of 30+ years of high-quality raw material ingredients. Dry yeast, also known as active dry yeast, is a versatile ingredient used in various culinary applications due to its ability to ferment the dough and other mixtures. Here are some common uses of dry yeast:

 Bread Baking: One of the primary uses of dry yeast is bread baking. It is used to leaven the dough, giving it the characteristic rise, light texture, and airy crumb. Dry yeast is incorporated into bread recipes to create various bread types, including loaves, rolls, baguettes, and more.  Pizza Dough: Dry yeast is commonly used to make pizza dough. Its leavening action helps create a soft and chewy crust with a slightly puffy texture, ideal for holding toppings. 
 Rolls and Buns: Dry yeast is essential in making dinner rolls, burger buns, and other similar baked goods. It contributes to the dough's rise and soft, tender interior. 
 Sweet Baked Goods: Dry yeast is used to make a range of sweet baked goods, such as cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, and sweet bread. Its leavening properties help create light and fluffy pastries. 
 Pastries: Yeast is utilized in creating laminated dough, which is the foundation for croissants, Danish pastries, and puff pastries. The yeast contributes to the dough's rise and layers, resulting in flaky, buttery pastries. 
 Fried Doughs: Dry yeast can make doughnuts, cakes, and other fried dough-based treats. The yeast helps the dough puff up when fried, yielding a light and airy interior. 
 Flatbreads: While dry yeast is commonly used in recipes for leavened bread, it can also be employed to make leavened flatbreads like naan, pita, and focaccia. These breads have a slightly risen texture and are often cooked on a grill or in an oven.  

We are a Certified Manufacturer of Food Grade raw material ingredients according to FSSC (FOOD SAFETY SYSTEM CERTIFICATION 22000) & per FSSAI (FOOD SAFETY STANDARDS AUTHORITY OF INDIA), especially for Food Industries to meet their requirements. In case of any query, contact us at the below details: Email Id- [email protected], [email protected], Contact Nos- +91-9711169006


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Categories Food Supplements / Nutraceuticals; Yeast Nutrients
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; North America; Central/South America
Supplied from India
Product Applications Brewing; Food Supplements
Product Certifications Health & Safety (GMP, HAACP and equivalents)

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