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Growing a plant-based future with KMC’s functional potato starch

7 Sep 2023

In KMC, everything begins and ends with the humble, yet powerful potato

KMC supplies the global food industry with potato-based solutions that enhance a product’s taste, texture, or longevity. Our ingredients ensure a high nutritional value in protein bars and help bind water in dough efficiently. We also make mayo creamy, cheese melty, and fruit gum mouth-watering in just the right way.

We believe the future is plant-based and climate-friendly. We contribute by helping innovative food manufacturers replace animal ingredients with plant-based solutions – and integrate sustainability in everything we do to benefit our customers and the planet.

Growing a plant-based future with KMC’s functional potato starch

Implementing intelligent ingredients

In KMC, we pride ourselves on our know-how. Our extensive knowledge draws on long-standing university collaborations and our ground-breaking Food Innovation Centre. We rigorously apply our expertise in our customer's production set-up, optimizing every single production flow from ingredient to implementation.

Gelamyl cost-effective solution

Have you ever wondered how plant-based gummy bears and candy get the right mouthfeel? Potato is often the answer.

Making the perfect piece of candy is hardcore science. It’s all about finding the right balance between taste, texture, ingredients, and packaging – at the right price. The multipurpose potato starch is often used as a budget-friendly gelatin substitute.

The Gelamyl range of potato-based modified starches gives you easy access to a wide variety of different textures for your plant-based gummy/jelly-type confectionery products – from soft to hard and from elastic to brittle. Gelamyl ingredients provide a cost-effective alternative to more expensive traditional gelling agents, such as gelatine and gums.

Learn more about your Gelamyl possibilities here.

The CheeseMaker advantage

Plant-based cheese has steadily found its way to the mainstream supermarket shelves, and both dairy companies and food manufacturers are busy supplying us with the best plant-based alternatives to traditional cheeses made from cows’ milk. The potato is a great crop since the starch forms a clear, solid gel that does not affect taste or color. It can easily be combined with the cheese’s other plant-based ingredients, such as plant protein. Pizza cheese, spreadable cheese, block cheese and hard cheese, are just some of our plant-based cheese alternatives. Finding the right recipe for plant-based cheese requires advanced understanding and know-how – Which you will find at KMC.

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Green protein on a mission

At KMC we have taken a significant step towards a plant-based future, as we have managed to innovate extracted potato protein from being a powder ingredient into being a product with a structure very similar to meat.

This innovation can revolutionize the plant-based products that are available to consumers, as potato protein has properties that are especially relevant as an ingredient in meat supplements. Textured potato protein has high nutritional values, a meat like structure and frying crust.

Potato protein is especially relevant as a meat replacement as it contains all the essential amino acid. Furthermore, the combination of amino acids present is very well balanced, which makes the nutritional value of the protein at the same level as meat.

We are looking forward you show you our KMC TVP at Food Ingredients Europe.

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Get started now

At KMC, we help innovative food manufacturers make their products greener. If you are ready to embark on a plant-based journey, please reach out to our team. We are looking forward to seeing you at Food Ingredients Europe 2023.

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