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How you can advance R&D during Covid-19

16 May 2020

R&D in the Food and Beverage Industry is critical to sustaining growth. However, due to Covid-19 the way to go about research and development have changed. Global Leader in continuous flow thermal processing, MicroThermics, provides solutions to moving these processes forward in today’s post coronavirus climate.

R&D is the key to future growth.

How you can advance R&D during Covid-19

How You Can Advance R&D During Covid-19

R&D in the Food and Beverage Industry is critical to sustaining growth. Even with the current changing world, consumers still seek innovative flavors and products. Food, beverage, and ingredient companies that lose sight of this focus will not grow with this changing market. To advance your R&D during this global crisis, global UHT/HTST/Aseptic R&D leader, MicroThermics, has developed new, socially distant solutions that require no travel (and little staff).

Video Sales Demos – The best thing to expedite R&D and not travel is to have a MicroThermics small-scale UHT/HTST/Aseptic thermal processor. Want to see it in action? Schedule a free streaming Zoom® video demonstration with us and see how easy they are to use! We process actual products and provide you with an in-depth experience of our equipment, including real-time viewing of our touchscreen controls with c-Connect, the ultimate in cloud-based support.

Mail-In Plant Trials – Need to process new products, but don’t have equipment or staff? No problem! Ship us your ingredients and tell us how to batch them. We will process your products at your conditions, and overnight your samples back! Quick, easy, and economical. With our process matching, if you like your samples, you can ramp up to production seamlessly!

Video Service Calls – Have MicroThermics equipment, but it needs attention? We now provide Zoom® Service Calls with a MicroThermics Service Tech working right there with you. Deeply discounted compared to traditional service calls, they also have no travel expenses. This makes them an incredible deal, and your operator gets a valuable learning experience!

Video Operator Trainings & Certifications – Have new Operators? Current operators need updated training? Need current operators to go to the next level? We now conduct training digitally through Zoom® with interactive training classes!

Want to learn more? Please go to www.microthermics.com or email Eric Schraibman at or call him directly at 919-594-9658. We are “Always Innovating” with you.

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