Hydrosol launches new dairy, poultry, vegan products

26 Sep 2017

Hydrosol is launching new products for dairy, poultry, and vegan alternative products as well as new products for hot countries.

Hydrosol launches new dairy, poultry, vegan products

Hydrosol is launching new products for dairy, poultry, and vegan alternative products.

Vegan and dairy products with high protein content are internationally growing food trends, the company believes, and Hydrosol has developed a series of product concepts for both areas that it believes open up many possibilities.

For meat alternatives, the company has new stabilising systems for the production of vegan nuggets, burger patties and schnitzel. In the dairy alternative area, Hydrosol offers various functional systems for making products like non-dairy yogurt, vegan cream cheese and vegetable cooking and whipping cream.

The company is also launching new products for hot countries. With the help of special stabiliser and texturising systems, countries with low milk production can also profit from the accelerating high protein trend, Hydrosol claims. Hydrosol’s offerings for protein-rich dairy products comprise solutions for Greek yogurt, drinking yogurt, cocoa drinks, pudding and dressings. They can be made from recombined milk, and can be enriched with vitamins and minerals in order to address different customer needs and offer added value.

Whether for bread spread, snack fillings, pizza or ready meals, the new ingredient mixes for recombined cheese alternatives are said to offer economic, manufacturing, and quality advantages. The long curing times hard and sliced cheeses require are a cost factor, and in hot regions volumes are limited by the low availability of fresh milk. Hydrosol says its alternatives deliver convincing product quality. On pizza, the recombined cheese product is claimed to be satisfyingly stringy and to enable individual flavour and colour adjustment. For spreadable products, selected Hydrosol systems let manufacturers set the desired texture from liquid to gelling. Snacks with alternative fillings are said to be highly stable in frying and baking, to form well and to be freeze-thaw stable.

Poultry is the world’s fastest-growing meat category, according to Hydrosol, and the company says producers can get the most out of this potential with Hydrosol functional systems. The portfolio includes solutions for the economic production and long shelf life of poultry sausages, plus injection brines for raw chicken meat that are designed to give a higher yield in tender, moist meat. There are also stabilising systems for the cost-saving production of reconstituted chicken breast and poultry cold cuts. Special functional systems are designed to provide good binding of animal and vegetable constituents for products with reduced meat content, and are said to have an appealing meat-like texture and to be very suitable for nuggets, burger patties and schnitzel.