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Jumbo Trading Co., Ltd. is the leading international company specializing in producing and marketing Gum Arabic throughout Asia and the Middle East. We have our own farms in the Sudan, Africa, where the Acacia senegal tree grows best. We employ stringent quality control methods throughout the harvesting and preparation of Gum Arabic for export. Our import/export division was established in Thailand in 1994.

Gum Arabic is used in sweeteners and as a food, beverage and drink additive, a liquid or drink thickener, in cake and pastry preparation, and in food flavorings. Gum Arabic is used to manufacture pharmaceutical capsules, to coat pills, and it is used to manufacture vitamins, lotions, mascara, cake makeup, and so on. Gum Arabic is also a valuable addition to sweets, including chocolates, jujubes, and cookies. Gum Arabic is used as an emulsifier, it is water soluble, and a completely safe, natural product.

Gum Arabic is available in crystal, kibble, powder and granules. Gum Arabic Powders are available in course, medium and fine form.

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Sales markets Middle East, Asia, Australia
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