PureCircle now working with new stevia leaf variety

14 Nov 2019

PureCircle says it has developed and is now expanding use of a new stevia leaf variety which the company claims provides significant advantages compared to previous generations of stevia plants.

Cultivated by PureCircle and successfully field-tested, the new stevia varietal yields greater quantities of stevia ingredients.

PureCircle now working with new stevia leaf variety

This breakthrough - increasing the effective yield of PureCircle’s stevia plants - enhances the company’s production efficiency, PureCircle says, and even further improves its ability to deliver a sustainable supply of these next generation stevia leaf ingredients to food and beverage companies.

With the greater yield, the new stevia variety is said to provide further cost effectiveness as greater quantities of ingredients can be sourced from each leaf. This year, 20% of PureCircle’s stevia plants were comprised of this new variety, and the company plans to switch 90% of its stevia crop to this variety in 2020.

PureCircle CEO Maga Malsagov said: “We are excited about our expansion program for our latest stevia varietal. It is the result of, and a testament to, our world-class agronomy and innovation. This further enhances our ability to provide food and beverage companies access to the best tasting content from the leaf, offering them a globally scaled supply and a cost-efficiency which has never before been possible.”