Quick soluble Agar

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The Quick soluble AgarÒ or QSAÒ is an agar quality with an improved solubility, extracted from red seaweeds, mainly from Gelidium and Gracilaria species. It is a linear hydrosoluble fibre, mainly composed of disaccharide unit repetition which is constitued of b-D-galactose linked in (1-3) and of 3,6-anhydro-a-L-galactose linked in (1-4). The QSAÒ gel is characterized by a high hysteresis as it is formed at 38 ± 8°C and melts at 88 ± 8°C which confers more stability to formulations. Moreover, the QSAÒ gel is thermoreversible, which facilitates its handling and recycling. The QSAÒ is a vegetal kosher product, with specific properties that will allow it to replace, very advantageously, animal gelatine. Application: Dairy, confectionery, bakery and other applications.
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Quick soluble Agar

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