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SunActive Fe
Iron is an essential nutrient often lacking in diet, especially for infants, women of childbearing age and pregnant women. When we lack iron in the body, hemoglobin decreases and we experience inefficiency, constipation, gastric disorders and diarrhea. Many iron sources that exhibit the best bioavailability adversely affect product quality by accelerating oxidation, producing unfavorable color or flavor and causing severe irritation of the gastrointestinal system. Compatible and non-reactive iron compounds, having less “iron taste” are needed for fortification. SunActive Fe disperses insoluble iron (ferric pyrophosphate) in liquid formulations without precipitation, iron flavor or change in color. It is stable against heat, salt, pH and oxidation. SunActive Fe is mild on the gastrointestinal system, providing a nonirritating iron fortification with superior properties and bioavailability.

SunActive Q-10E
SunActive Q-10E is a patented and protected delivery system for Coenzyme Q10 consisting of micronized and micro encapsulated Q10 for an effective Q10 delivery through foods, beverages and dietary supplements. SunActive Q-10E makes water insoluble Coenzyme Q10 readily dispersible in water and increases the absorption and the bioavailability of Q10 by +320%. SunActive Q-10E is free of any flavors, colors or preservatives and it is stable against heat-stable, salt-stable and stable over a wide pH-range.

SunActive Zn
Zinc is an essential trace mineral that plays a role in virtually all biochemical pathways and physiological processes. Lack of zinc in the body has been shown to negatively impact wound healing, immune support, increased length and severity of colds, as well as fertility and overall physical performance. Recent studies indicated that zinc improved mental performance and improved ADHD treatment in children. SunActive Zn allows for foods and beverages to be fortified with zinc having high bioavailability, no precipitation, high stability and no unpleasant zinc flavor.

SunActive Mg
SunActive Mg is a powder type, emulsified Tri-magnesium-bis-(ortho)phosphate to fortify magnesium in food, instant beverages or dietary supplements. Conventional Tri-magnesium-bis(ortho)-phosphate is poorly soluble in neutral solution. Therefore, it does not exhibit unpleasant taste of magnesium-ions as all other soluble magnesium salts such as for exemple magnesium sulphate, magnesium citrate, etc.
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