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The TIM Company provides dynamic and highly predictive dissolution systems. With our predictive gastro-intestinal TIM models, we help improving research & development of medicines, food products and chemicals.

Once a research project within the Dutch Institute of Applied Scientific Research (TNO) 25 years ago, the TIM technology evolved with a focus to support the development of healthy food products and to study the availability for absorption of functional ingredients for a better, safer and healthier life. Following a successful start, the TIM technology was also applied to studying the solubility and release of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) from oral drug products in the pharmaceutical market. As the technology matured, TIM systems were adopted by TRISKELION – a TNO initiative, from 2014 till 2019. After continued success and growth, it is time to stand on our own! As of January 2020, all TIM related activities have been transferred into a separate entity, namely TIM BV, trading under the name “The TIM Company”.

Accurate, predictive, representative…simply betterDue to TIM’s ability to accurately simulate luminal gastrointestinal conditions, we offer highly predictive insight into the fate of drugs, their formulations, ingredients, and food products travelling though the GI tract. TIM can easily and reproducibly simulate any GI condition, in any population, including vulnerable populations such as children, elderly, and patients. Simulating numerous conditions and parameters allows for optimization of food products during their product development as well as de-risking lengthy, expensive human trials. Advanced users have the ability to perform IVIVC for which the TIM Systems can be used as an effective, replicable and accurate alternative to in vivo and animal studies.

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Meet our knowledge team

20 Nov 2020

Meet our knowledge team

The TIM technology is the culmination of over 25 years of research and development of dynamic in vitro gastrointestinal models.

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20 Nov 2020

Meet our sales team

Global presence in all our current and potential markets is an essential element of our business strategy.

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20 Nov 2020

Our customer stories

”Being close to our customers is key to our joint success as we shape the field of in vitro dissolution testing globally.”

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20 Nov 2020

TIM technology makes companies enthusiastic

Did you know that more than 90% of the bacteria that live in us and on us actually live in our gut? These bacteria not only help us to break down and digest food, they also support our gut and immune health.

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