TIM technology makes companies enthusiastic

20 Nov 2020

Did you know that more than 90% of the bacteria that live in us and on us actually live in our gut? These bacteria not only help us to break down and digest food, they also support our gut and immune health.

Working together to create a healthier world

One of the companies that is enthisastic to work with our TIM systems is the team of The Probiotics Institute by Chr. Hansen. They preform microbiome research on our TIM-2 system.

We are proud of our TIM technology, how our TIM systems change the world and the enthusiasm our technology brings to companies to find alternative testing methods with more accurate results. Let’s make the world a healthier place together!

TIM technology makes companies enthusiastic


Our TIM-2 mimics the large intestine of humans or animals, by using highly active and viable microbiota. This TIM technology simulates the conditions of the large intestinal environment accurately. TIM-2 can be used for different researches, for example to determine the fate of foods and drug products upon arrival in the colon and changes in microbiota composition. For more information about our TIM technology and out TIM systems, go to our portfolio web page.

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