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Vanilla Vida is an Ag-Food Tech start-up on a mission to revolutionize the vanilla industry, providing people and companies worldwide with unprecedented access to the most beloved flavor in the world.

Relying on novel precision agriculture growing protocols in greenhouses, a novel state-of-the-art indoor curing facility & a data-driven approach, we produce the most vanillin-concentrated vanilla bean in the market - as recognized by leading F&F's & create tailor-made sensory profiles, providing new vanilla flavor & fragrance possibilities.

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28 nov 2023

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28 - 30 Nov 2023 Frankfurt, Germany We were at stand 4.0J123 See our Exhibitor Profile   See full Exhibitor List

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Vanilla Vida wants the world to eat more natural vanilla

2 Oct 2023

Vanilla Vida wants the world to eat more natural vanilla

Vanilla is indeed “the world’s most popular flavor.” However, despite its popularity, its production is so complex that many people aren’t often getting the real thing, but a synthetic version of the flavoring.
Israeli-based Vanilla Vida is among a handful of companies trying to replicate vanilla using innovative approaches. 

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3 Sep 2023

Price volatility and climate change continue to impact vanilla agriculture, suppliers warn

Environmental variables play a crucial role in the production of vanilla, its farmers and the overall agriculture sector. According to suppliers, sustainable vanilla options will increase in the coming years, but the fluctuating market of the beans remains a challenge for food developers.

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3 Sep 2023

Winner of the FIE 22 Startup Innovation Challenge

14 Dec 2022 --- Creating sustainable food production systems and environmentally-friendly products and F&B solutions hinges on green advancements in food science. Industry’s cohort of next-generation technologies featured prominently at the recent Food ingredients Europe (FiE 2022) event, held in Paris, France.

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3 Sep 2023

Natural vanilla for the people

The price of a single vanilla pod can reach 30 NIS (nearly $10), and at times of crisis — like after massive wildfires or theft by organized crime — it can rise even higher. The result is a market that is almost entirely artificial; only 5% of world vanilla is real, meaning most of the vanilla used in products around the world is synthetic, made from petrochemicals. 

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