Bifidobacterium longum BB536: Multifunctional Human Bifidobacteria Probiotic

Product description

Morinaga Nutritional Foods (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd. provides wide range of highly-functional probiotics which includes our extensively-researched Bifidobacterium longum BB536. Our human-origin probiotic strain is well known for its numerous clinical health effects with more than 220 clinical studies ranging from cholesterol control to immunity improvement to colon cancer prevention etc. Due to its superior stability, our B. longum BB536 are delivered in viable condition to the intestine where they achieve the highest efficacy levels in our human body. BB536 was the first Human-Residential Bifidobacteria (HRB) strain to receive the FDA GRAS notification for use in conventional foods and beverages in 2009 and has been incorporated in various products worldwide for more than 50 years. In 2019, BB536 also attained FDA-notified GRAS status for use in infant formulaContact us at [email protected] for more information.
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Categories Probiotics
Sales markets Asia
Supplied from Japan
Product Applications Confectionary; Dietary Supplements; Food Supplements; Healthy Food & Beverages; Infant Nutrition/ Baby Foods & Infant Formula; Pharmaceutical
Product Certifications Halal; Health & Safety (GMP, HAACP and equivalents); Health claims; Kosher; Quality assurance; Sustainable Seafood; Vegan

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Bifidobacterium longum BB536: Multifunctional Human Bifidobacteria Probiotic

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