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Red Chilli (Capsicum Annum) is well known for its pungency and coloring effects. Our SCFE Co2 extracted Capsicum oleoresin offers natural essence for pungency, color, capsaicin content. Available in both Oil / Water soluble form & Capsaicin content as per customer demand.

Red Chillis contains two main constituents - Capsaicin and Capsanthin. Capsaicin & other capsaicinoids present in chili peppers are responsible for causing the characteristic pungent intensity. Besides Capsaicin, other capsaicinoids present may be dihydrocapsaicin, nordihydrocapsaicin, homodihydrocapsaicin, and homocapsaicin. These capsaicinoids are known for their pungency effects and produce different levels of pungency when applied. When consumed, capsaicinoids bind with the pain receptors responsible for sensing heat in our mouth & throat, thereby causing brain to respond to burning sensation and increase perspiration and release of endorphins. The heat / pungency in chillis is measured in Scoville heat units (SHU)Capsanthin and capsorubin are the main coloring compounds (among other carotenoids). Capsanthin is the main and commercially available compound for coloring application. The color in chillis is measured in Color units.

Capsicum Oleoresins is widely used in food processing, flavor preparations, sauce preparations, meat & fish food processing. Capsaicinoids have significant antibiotic activity and used as ailing agent in medicines for improving conditions of the heart & blood vessels, reduce cholesterol levels, reduce excessive blood clotting. Capsaicin is also known to reduce pain sensations, effective remedial ingredient for pain relieving in arthritis, psoriasis, used as analgesic in topical ointments, dietary supplement, and active ingredient for defense products.

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Categories Flavours and Spices; Food quality control management; Oils & Fats
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Supplied from Afghanistan; Australia; Bangladesh; Belgium; Canada; Egypt; France; Germany; Italy; Sri Lanka; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; United States
Product Applications Food Supplements; Personal Care; Sauces & Seasoning; Seafood; Snacks
Product Certifications Halal; Health & Safety (GMP, HAACP and equivalents); Kosher; Natural; Sustainable Seafood

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Capsicum Oleoresin, Capsicum Oleoresin Supplier, Capsicum Oleoresin Manufacturer, Capsicum Oleoresin Exporter

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