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Koa Pure is a natural cocoa fruit juice originating from the pulp that coats the cocoa beans. The gentle processing close to the cocoa farms preserves the fresh taste with its sweet tropical flavours and refreshing acidity, bright colour, and creamy texture.

Koa Pure is the ideal option for those desiring sweet and tropical flavors to be included in their drink, ice cream, or other application. 

Koa Pure has also the potential for fermentation due to its high sugar content. The juice can be transformed into a wine that resembles a refreshing wine with exotic hints. Moreover, sparkling wine, such as Champagne, can also be produced. 

Koa Pure proves delightful in cocktail crafting. It creates a pleasant blend of fruity sweetness with tropical notes accompanied by a rejuvenating acidity.

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Categories Cocoa & Chocolate
Sales markets Western Europe; North America
Supplied from Ghana
Product Applications Confectionary; Desserts / ice cream; Wine & spirits
Product Certifications B corporation; Traceable; Upcycled; Vegan

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Koa Pure

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