Lactium®, natural ingredient for stress management

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Lactium® is a natural product already used by numerous consumers wanting to regulate their chronic stress symptoms (weight gain/ loss, sleep disorders) to face very stressful periods of life (exams, tobacco detoxification) or to optimize general well-being (immunity increase, energy and balance). It is a dairy bioactive. It is an unique, patented, proprietary milk protein hydrolysate which contains a bioactive with relaxing properties clinically proven to reduce stress-related symptoms such as: Mood swings,sleep disorders, food cravings, state of tension, relationships troubles, chronic pains, digestive disorders and impaired memory & concentration. It has been clinically proven to decrease and modulate stress related problems, without side effects or toxicity. It possesses all the substantiation requested by international authorities to be incorporated in dietary supplements and functional foods. It meets all the technological requirements needed to be incorporated in several food matrixes (dietary supplements as well as functional foods). the teams supports one from concepts and ideas, through development and industrialization and all the way to a successful end product launch.
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Lactium®, natural ingredient for stress management

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