Pasteurized liquid egg (A kind of chilled and frozen)

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Ovo Foodtech Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of egg products which includes pasteurized liquid egg (a kind of chilled and frozen). The egg white and egg yolk combined with a high quality, convenient and readily available. Easy storage consistent quality and shelf life than fresh eggs. It is also free from salmonella; from fresh egg as raw material though the process of washing, breaking, pasteurize and packing to get high quality pasteurized liquid egg products. It is ready and convenient to use and easy to store. With consistent quality and longer shelf life. Free of salmonella and e.coli. Application: it can be used instead of fresh eggs. By maintaining the nutritional value and properties of eggs used in the food industry. It can use in all applications where fresh egg is required, it provides all nutrition and functional qualities of egg in the food industry. Packaging: 2 or 5 kilo krap / gallon, 5 or 10 pounds a receiver / bag, in a cardboard box. Or according to customer needs. 2 or 5 kg / gallon, 5 or 10 kg / bag in box or according to the request of customer. Retention (packing) stored at 0-4 ° c. Keep at 0-4 degree celsius. Contact us for more information.
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Pasteurized liquid egg (A kind of chilled and frozen)

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