PELL™ Baking Powders

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PELL™ baking powders from Kudos Blends are available for a wide variety of bakery applications. It also offer products for specialist dietary requirements such as gluten free and reduced sodium. High quality baked products require proper leavening to give a light texture. The liberation of carbon dioxide gas at the correct point in the baking cycle is essential to deliver optimum volume, effecting texture and mouth feel. It is used for applications such as cakes and sponges, scones, doughnuts, hot plate goods, chemically leavened breads, organic compliant products, chilled and frozen products, encapsulated products, fairy cakes, cupcakes and muffins, gluten free products and low sodium products. It controls gas release to maximise product volume, It is process tolerant during mixing and holding stages. It improves product shape, appearance and texture. It controls pH for maximising preservative function. It reduces waste and custom blends to suit individual requirements.
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PELL™ Baking Powders

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