Prolacta® Soluble Milk Protein for infant nutrition and baby food

Product description

Lactalis Ingredients offers Prolacta®, a native whey protein composed of a soluble protein concentrate extracted from milk.  Prolacta® is intact and close to the original raw form found in milk, which preserves its excellent amino acid profile. Using as a source of protein in infant formulas Prolacta® permits to formulate closer to breast milk.


- 80 to 95% protein minimum on dry basis
- French origin
- Unique composition with a high quality nutritional profile:
     .Especially high level of alpha-lactalbumin, tryptophan and cystein
     .Higher level of bioactive minor proteins such as immunoglobulins and lactoferrin- Low fat- Neutral taste
- Excellent microbiological quality
- GMP free   (GMP: Glycomacropeptides, derived from cheese manufacturing)- Kosher and Halal
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