PROLIFICA - Plant-based Protein

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Our new range of texturized pea and soy proteins are a more sustainable and healthier alternative to traditional products. They offer more versatility and creativity in the development of familiar products using plant-based meats which help consumers to be more sustainable or healthier while still enjoying the taste and textures of meat.

Our textured protein is non-GMO and made from high quality pea protein for an allergy free solution. PGP is currently offering four product variations for protein and size to accommodate more end-product applications, such as:
  • Plant based burgers
  • Plant based meatballs
  • Plant based sausages
  • Plant based ground meat
  • Seasoned meat replacements
  • Meat extensions
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Categories Anti-allergens; Meat Replacements; Plant-based Products
Product Certifications Health claims; Sustainable Seafood; Vegan

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PROLIFICA - Plant-based Protein

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