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SILIPHOS® is a patented botanical derivative from Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn. Commonly referred to as milk thistle, the plant has been used for centuries to address liver health. SILIPHOS® is an Indena Phytosome® ingredient in which silybin, one of the main bioactive constituents in milk thistle, is associated with soy phospholipids to significantly improve bioavailibility. SILIPHOS® is a patented product specifically developed to improve silybin absorption and maintain a healthy liver: SILIPHOS® is a Phytosome® delivery form, vastly improving absorption of silybin, the active constituent in milk thistle. Greatly improves bioavailability of silybin, a compound otherwise characterized by poor absorption. 10-fold higher liver bioavailibility over the simple extract, calculated by biliary excretion also on humans. Maintains healthy liver function, protecting it from oxidative stress, and could be used as a complementary approach to liver related challenges. Improves insulin resistance and certain liver markers in plasma. Recommended USE AND Dose: SILIPHOS® is a yellow-brown powder and may be utilized in a variety of supplement formulations. Recommended dose: 80-160 mg/day
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Origin Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
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