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27 Oct 2022

Your leading partner for individual NATURAL SOYLUTIONS

SOY AUSTRIA® produces natural, sustainable, non-GMO soy-based ingredients for the global food industry. This creates added value for customers and supports the market need for sustainable food.


Consumers are increasingly seeking transparency, less processed and more natural products. Growing demand for simple and recognizable ingredients with health credentials is driving product innovation. More companies are removing or replacing artificial ingredients with more natural options. Clean label, sustainability and nutritional profile such as protein and fibre rich foods continue to influence purchasing decisions.

SOY AUSTRIA® has perfected the processing of soy, using every part of the bean to create a multifunctional portfolio of 100 % natural soy food ingredients. SOY AUSTRIA® follows the principle of minimal processing; soybeans are processed only with the help of mechanical and thermic process, abstaining from the use of any chemical solvents, or auxiliaries.

“Sustainability and natural ingredients are the core values of our business. From our point of view, this can only be achieved by using EU-sourced beans, not by pushing for further deforestation. SOY AUSTRIA® has committed itself to purchasing only soybeans grown on fields in Austria and other surrounding EU-countries, to ensure that our beans are grown in the most sustainable way and with the shortest possible transport. We do not purchase soybeans grown in huge monocultures overseas, and we only accept non-GMO beans according to the strictest standard of < 0,1%. We support local, small-structured farmers who grow beans by following our SOY AUSTRIA® agricultural standards. By local contract farming we additionally contribute to the ongoing development of seed in Austria so that we can meet the market requirements of the future,” says René Skarnager, Managing Director.

Natural Soy Ingredients Product Portfolio

The extensive product portfolio includes firstly full-fat soy flours, enzyme-active and enzyme-inactive, roasted soy grit, high-quality debittered soy bran and premium full-fat soy flakes, which cover the needs of the bakery, confectionery, and sweet bakery market segments. In addition, SOY AUSTRIA® offers soybeans halved with high protein content as a more efficient method of producing milk alternatives. In the second production plant, a product range of unique textured soy protein is made from semi-defatted soy flour in a purely natural way to meet the growing market need for more natural meat alternatives. Compared to textured soy protein made from soy concentrate or soy isolate, the SOY AUSTRIA® SOYTEXTURE product line demands neither any prewashing steps, nor any further cooking steps to soften the structure. This accelerates customers' production processes and reduces water consumption and production costs.

“With our SOYTEXTURE product line, we have attained new heights in terms of creating 100% natural soy texturates on basis of our gently pressed, semi-defatted soy flours. Thanks to its unique pleasant taste, without any off-notes, and a fast rehydration behaviour, SOYTEXTURE will speed up your production process and requires no use of masking flavours,” says Erika Schwarzinger, Senior Marketing Manager.

SOY AUSTRIA® offers SOYTEXTURE in different sizes and shapes, providing the customer with the best NATURAL SOYLUTION for the product development needs.


SOY as a valuable food ingredient and all its benefits

Soy is a high-quality plant protein rich in vitamins and minerals that contains all 9 essential amino acids. Soybeans grown directly as a food source for humans represent an environmentally friendly source of protein, requiring less water and land than other protein sources. In fact, only 7% of global soy is used for products for human consumption, while more than 3/4 is used as feed for animals farmed for human consumption. This in one of the top motivations why more and more consumers around the world are switching to a sustainable plant-based diet.


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