Tablets against fatigue + exhaustion

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Sentences like „I do not have time“ or „I feel run down” one hears frequently today. Much needs to be mastered – work, household, family, friends and free time. On top of that there are many other countless obligations and requirements. Because of the constant switching of tasks and appointments without sufficient breaks, many people can burn out formally over time. Such stress situations, which often are accompanied by an unbalanced diet, can cause that the body and especially our brain will not be supplied sufficiently with important nutrients. This results in fatigue and exhaustion because important metabolic processes are impaired. The Biolabor® tablets against fatigue + exhaustion“ provide you with important nutrients: Pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, magnesium can contribute to a reduction of fatigue and exhaustion and a normal energy metabolism.
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Tablets against fatigue + exhaustion

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