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XiaPure Chia Oil is a premium chia oil made from Chilean XiaPure Chia Seeds. Chia oil is the richest source of vegetarian omega-3 fatty acids found in nature and it contains more than 60% of the omega-3 fatty acid alpha linolenic acid (ALA), a polyunsaturated fatty acid that consumers are seeking as a part of a healthy diet. XiaPure Chia Oil is produced and even the the chia seeds are grown, harvested and processed all in hand of the same company by Benexia in Santiago, Chile. Taiyo and Benexia have successfully developed the XIA PURE Ox Blocker technology, enabling to guarantee a longer shelf life of the product, a stable delivery of its nutraceutical properties and a consistent fresh taste and smell.
The following XiaPure Chia Oil products are available:

  • Conventional and organic XiaPure Chia Oil

  • XiaPure Chia Protein, which is a fine and dispersible chia protein powder from the partially defatted chia seeds

  • XiaPure Chia Fiber, which is a fine chia fiber powder less than 435 nm from the partially defatted chia seeds.
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