Yotabio Transglutaminase/Transglutaminasa (TG)

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Transglutaminase (TG), better known to chefs as “Meat Glue,” which is widely distributed in nature, is an enzyme with the revolutionary ability to improve the physical properties of various protein containing foods.TG from Yotabio is produced through fermentation process which is similar to making beer, wine and cheese, using conventional microorganisms.Typically TG works within the protein of food materials, and contributes to improving texture properties.Because there is no technological function in the final products, TG is legally to be assessed as a processing aid, not as a food additive. Benefits: Additional additives or a heating process to create bonds is not required Does not affect flavour in final product application Improves food texture, Increases water retention Easy processing  Application:Bakery, Dairy, Meat, Fish & seafood  Types of TG TG-M Serious Contains TG and maltodextrin, it can be sprinkled or made into a slurry.  TG-RM Serious Contains TG, maltodextrin, and sodium caseinate, it can be sprinkled, made into a slurry or added directly into meat mixtures.
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Supplied from China
Product Applications Bakery; Dairy; Meat & meat products; Seafood

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Yotabio Transglutaminase/Transglutaminasa (TG)

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