Artichoke effervescent tablets

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The human digestion is a natural miracle. In order for it to function properly, the organism is dependent on varied nutrition. In reality, we often eat too fatty, too fast and without any enjoyment, which results in the nutrition putting strain on the metabolism, which it should actually stimulate. If the fat from the food is only partially digested, that well-known unpleasant feeling of fullness frequently occurs. Artichoke effervescent tablets from Biolabor® contain the concentrate from the pressed-out juice of fresh artichoke leaves. The particularly digestion-stimulating features are based on the bitter principle cyanine, as well as on the different secondary vegetable substances. Enjoyed directly before or after meals as a nutrition supplement, this mildly dry and pleasantly tasting drink stimulates the digestion in a natural way.
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Artichoke effervescent tablets

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