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Dear parents, The baby’s brain develops most intensively in the first three months after birth, and the senses of sight, hearing and speech in the first year. After a year, higher brain functions develop that are important for your child’s concentration, attention and intelligence. In the first year of life, the baby’s brain grows for an incredible 175%. From the second year to the adult age, the brain grows only 20%. That is why scientists and doctors say: “What we have developed up to the age of three is the cap we will wear”. DHA, one of three Omega-3 fatty acids, is the most important for the healthy vision and brain development of your baby. DHA is the main structural component of the brain and retina and makes up 97% of all Omega-3 fatty acids in the brain and 93% of all Omega-3 in the retina. DHA makes up 30% of the grey matter of the brain. DHA Omega-3 fatty acid, as the main structural component, has a key role in:

Development of the child’s nervous systemDevelopment of the brain, mental and cognitive functionsImprovement of psychomotor functions in childrenNormal development of vision, visual acuity and eye function
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