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SUPER CRUNCHY REV-DRIED READY TO EAT SNACKS WITH NATURAL FLAVOURS AND COLOURS Supplied in different formats and according to the client specifications

· High in Vitamin C and Fiber 
· 100% natural
· Made only from fresh fruit
· Aroma and taste of the original fruit
· Clean label
· Organic
· Long shelf life

NXTDRIED products are clearly superior to freeze dried products in terms of super-crunchy textures, brighter, more natural colours and intense fresh flavours. NXTDRIED’s proprietary dehydration processes preserve almost all the nutritional values and bio-actives of the fresh product. Equally important, NXTDRIED products have a far lower carbon footprint than freeze dried products. NXTDRIED products are processed using REV™ TECHNOLOGY BY ENWAVE: Radiant Energy Vacuum Dehydration (REV™) is a Canadian-born gentle, adaptable, low temperature drying method that maintains the product’s color, flavor, and nutrients during the drying process.
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Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Australia; North America; Central/South America
Supplied from Peru
Product Applications Bakery; Cereals & Convenience Foods & Snacks; Desserts / ice cream; Snacks
Product Certifications Health & Safety (GMP, HAACP and equivalents); Organic

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Banana Organic - RevDried - Beyond Freeze Dried

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