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APD Foods range of Natural Herbs & Extracts are widely used in many of the exclusive Pharmaceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, and Flavor & Fragrance formulations all across the globe.  Botanical Herbs is one of our premium offerings as we have an expertise and experience in the field of Ayurveda for over 50 years. We understand the product and can extract finest form of its content for use in various industries.  Herbs are available in various forms and can be customised as per the needs of the customers.    Extracts are available in various forms: Soft Extracts, Oil Extracts, Liquid Extracts and Dry Powder Extracts and can be customized as per the need of the customers.   For more information on herbs and extracts please visit us at or email us at [email protected]
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Categories Botanical Extracts; Herbs
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Asia; North America; Africa
Supplied from India
Product Applications Healthy Food & Beverages
Product Certifications Health & Safety (GMP, HAACP and equivalents); Organic; Quality assurance

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Botanical Herbs & Extracts

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