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Fiberstar, Inc. manufactures and sells Citri-Fi®, a natural citrus fiber/fibre which is produced sustainably from the citrus juicing industry using a process free from chemical modifications. This upcycled fiber provides high water holding and emulsification properties which benefit meats, bakery, sauces, beverages, dairy, frozen foods, pet foods and meat substitutes and dairy alternatives. Labeling includes citrus fiber, citrus flour or dried citrus pulp.   Non-GMO  |  Allergen-free  |  Gluten-free  |  No E-number  |  Organic
Citri-Fi provides the following benefits: 

  • Meats: High yields, reduced purge and juicy texture
  • Bakery: Improved freshness over time, egg reduction, oil reduction, freeze/thaw stability
  • Sauces: Stability, emulsification, texture, heat stability and pulp extension
  • Beverages: Stability, emulsification, mouthfeel, clouding 
  • Dairy: Stability, emulsification, reduced syneresis
  • Frozen Foods: Freeze/thaw stability, reduced ice crystals
  • Pet Food & Treats: Strengthening, binding, reduced crumbling
  • Dairy Alternatives: Full body mouthfeel, stability
  • Meat Substitutes: Cold binding, juiciness, succulence, hot bite, meat-like texture, emulsification

Quick facts

Sales markets Africa; Asia; Australia; Central/South America; Eastern Europe; Middle East; North America; Western Europe
Primary business activity Manufacturer: Ingredients / Additives
Affiliated categories: Egg Replacement |Emulsifiers / Lecithins |Fat Replacers More

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28 nov 2023

Fi Europe

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Fiberstar, Inc. Announces a Clean and Novel Way to Replace Phosphates in Meat and Poultry

15 Oct 2019

Fiberstar, Inc. Announces a Clean and Novel Way to Replace Phosphates in Meat and Poultry

The food industry’s transparency movement is creating opportunities for meat and poultry processors to clean up their labels while maintaining high yields and quality.

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15 Oct 2019

Fiberstar, Inc. Introduces a Natural Citrus Fiber System to Replace Methyl Cellulose in Plant-based Meat Alternatives

A clean label natural citrus fiber system containing Citri-Fi® can replace methyl cellulose in plant-based meat-free foods due to its excellent gelling emulsion binding ability.

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14 Oct 2019

Fiberstar, Inc. Unlocks the Science Behind Clean Label Emulsification in Food

The market demands natural ingredients that provide clean label emulsification in food and beverages. Citri-Fi is a clean label, functional fiber that provides emulsification properties.

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16 Sep 2019

Suppliers respond to shifting demands for emulsifiers

The fat reduction trend has been a driving force behind expanding demand for emulsifiers in Europe, and demands continue to change, with an increased focus on natural, clean label and sustainable options.

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