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Xanthan Gum, which is mainly made from starch, is a high molecular weight polysaccharide produced by  fermentation with Xanthomonas Campestris under the conditions of special nutrient medium, ph, O2-supply and temperature, then purified, dried and milled into white- like or light- yellow free- flowing powder.The main compositions of Xanthan Gum are D- glucopyranose glucan, D- mannose and D- glucuronic acid. X- ray determining indicates that Xanthan Gum has a antiparallel double helices conformation, on which its special properties of water solution base. Xanthan Gum can be widely used in more than twenty industrial fields, such as food, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, agriculture, oil drilling and exploitation, and so on. Comparing with other kinds of guma, Xanthan Gumhas many advantages.
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Sales markets Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Product Certifications Halal; Health & Safety (GMP, HAACP and equivalents); Kosher; Sustainable Seafood; Vegetarian

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