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MIRTOSELECT® is the most studied bilberry extract in the market. The major applications investigated so far for MIRTOSELECT® are in the realms of vascular health and ophthalmology (retinal health), but animal models and pilot
clinical studies suggest a broader clinical profile for anthocyanins that encompasses memory improvement, cardiovascular health, metabolic syndrome and overweight. MIRTOSELECT® is the authentic bilberry extract
obtained from Vaccinium myrtillus L. berries: authentic bilberry has a very specific “fingerprint” identified through HPLC analysis. It impros contrast sensitivity in retinal health. MIRTOSELECT® is a dark red-violet powder and may be utilized in a variety of supplement formulations. Recommended dose: 160-320 mg/day.
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Categories Nutrients
Supplied from Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

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