Spray-dried fruit and vegetable powders

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Spray-dried fruit and vegetable powders offered by CELIKO in the form of dust powder and additional in the form of granules (2 various sizes) have a very wide range of application - as raw materials - food additives to e. g. - dietetary supplements, instant drinks, tea bags, confectionery, animal food, various food products (and not only) where technological problems need solving and additional as flavouring and functional additives.
Spray-dried fruit and vegetable powders are manufactured from fruit juices, fruit and vegetable purees (standarized on the fruit and vegetable content).These products there are natural food colourying substances (standarized on the dyeing power), easily soluble raw materials with high performance of organoleptic properties of raw material (taste, aroma, colour).
Spray-drying means processing of liquid raw materials into powdered substance that after dilution in water, regain most of the input material characteristics.
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Categories Flavour Enhancers; Fruit & Vegetable Products; Functional Food
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe
Supplied from Poland
Product Applications Bakery; Confectionary; Dairy; Desserts / ice cream; Food Supplements; Healthy Food & Beverages; Pet Food / Animal Nutrition; Ready meals
Product Certifications Gluten-free; Health & Safety (GMP, HAACP and equivalents); Organic

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Spray-dried fruit and vegetable powders

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