Coatings for biscuits, pastry & snacks

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We have various coatings in our product range.

CBE compound coating (BELGICA) : Our Cocoa Butter Equivalent compound coatings are created with a combination of CBE fats (tempering required) and cocoa powder/mass, and have a premium taste. They have an excellent snap and gloss and are fully compatible with chocolate. Consider using our CBE compound coatings for your products because we deliver cost-efficient, superior quality and tailor-made products.

Wafer & biscuit coatings (DORADO) : Our wafer and biscuit coatings are mainly based on non-hydrogenated lauric vegetable fats and  good quality coc...  oa powders. Our coatings have an excellent hardness and snap. The products are easy to process (no tempering required) and we can adjust the rheological specifications to the requirements of our customers.

Flexible coatings: donut, eclair (DORADO, MESO) : If you’re looking for a flexible coating with a good plasticity and adhesion we are your preferred partner...  . Our cocoa-based coatings are easy to use (non- temper), crystallize easily and are therefore pleasant to work with. The color, taste and melting behavior of our coatings can be adjusted to your preferences.

Toppings for chilled products (MESO,DORADO) : If you’re searching for an easy to use topping or coating for your chilled product we can present products whi...  ch have an excellent hardness and snap with a good melting profile. Together we can select or create a product made with a CBS or CBR vegetable fat.


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Categories Cocoa & Chocolate; Encapsulation
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East
Supplied from Belgium
Product Applications Bakery
Product Certifications Fair Trade; Halal; Health & Safety (GMP, HAACP and equivalents); Kosher

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Coatings for biscuits, pastry & snacks

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