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Erythritol is a naturally occurring substance with 70% sweetnes from sugar that we have all consumed at one time or another, because various fruits and also mushrooms contain this compound, which can also be found in fermented foods. By using erythritol, teeth are less affected and also blood sugar levels do not rise. These are two outstanding advantages compared to common household sugar, which has exactly these consequences.

Other significant advantages of erythritol are that it is not further metabolized in the human body and has no calories (<0.2 calories per 100 g). Although erythritol is a carbohydrate, it does not behave as such, i.e. it is not converted into energy in the human body. Erythritol can therefore be disregarded when calculating carbohydrates or bread units.
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Categories Sweeteners / Sugar replacements
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe
Supplied from China; France
Product Applications Bakery; Confectionary; Snacks
Product Certifications Gluten-free; Halal; Health & Safety (GMP, HAACP and equivalents); Health claims; Kosher; Vegan; Vegetarian

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