LipoMill Linseed Press Cake, Flour and Protein

12 Oct 2021

Technical Data

LipoMill Linseed Press Cake, Flour and Protein

LipoMill Linseed Press Cake is rich in dietary fibre and protein. Linseed proteins have a high percentage of globulins and albumins, which have extraordinary water binding and emulsifying capacities. The amino acid profile (irrespective of digestibility) is one of the highest of all vegetable proteins, comparable to hemp protein.

Linseeds are rich in lignans, a phytoestrogen with antioxidant properties.

In view of its protein composition, Linseed Press Cake is an excellent product with good rheological properties (e.g. elasticity, crust colour, firmness, flavour) and water binding capabilities. LipoMill Linseed Press Cake and LipoMill Linseed Flour are outstandingly qualified for use in food.

  • For breakfast cereals and snacks
  • As a protein enrichment in pasta
  • As a ingredient in baked goods
  • As a consistency enhancer, e.g. in smoothies


Technical Data
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