SOYTEXTURE: Mince / Chunks / Slices / Flour

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Within our SOYTEXTURE product line, we have attained new heights in terms of creating 100% natural soy texturates on the basis of our gently pressed, semi-defatted soy flours. Produced without any additives and auxiliaries SOYTEXTURE represents the highest grade of naturality within the globally available range of soy/plant-based texturates. Thanks to its unique pleasant taste, without any off-taste, and a fast rehydration behaviour, SOYTEXTURE will speed up your production processes and supersede the necessity to formulate with masking flavours. Soy Austria offers SOYTEXTURE in different sizes and shapes, providing you with the best NATURAL SOYLUTION for your product development needs.

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Categories Proteins
Supplied from Austria
Product Applications Vegetarian / Vegan Products
Product Certifications Vegetarian

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SOYTEXTURE: Mince / Chunks / Slices / Flour

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