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Sucralose is derived from sugar. It has no calories (not metabolized), yet is believed to be 600 times sweeter than sugar. Food manufacturers and consumers use it in both cooking and baking, and its benefits as a sugar substitute with high heat stability make it ideal for diabetics wishing to control their blood sugar levels.Most of the Sucralose people consume is not absorbed and passes through the body. The little that is absorbed is excreted in the urine and doesn’t accumulate in the body. As a no-calorie alternative to sugar, Sucralose-containing foods and beverages still allow people who are following a weight loss or weight management program to enjoy tasty options.
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Categories Amino Acids; Sweeteners / Sugar replacements; Vitamins & supplements
Sales markets Asia
Supplied from India
Product Applications Food Supplements; Pharmaceutical; Proteins
Product Certifications Quality assurance; Sustainable Seafood; Vegetarian

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Sucralose Powder

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