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In Malaysia, Tiger Milk Mushroom is a highly sought-after medicinal mushroom by the aborigines. According to old folks, this mushroom is said to grow on the spot where tiger milk falls to the ground when a mother is feeding her cubs. It has been used traditionally as a health tonic to treat more than 15 medical ailments. 
  • In 2016, Nexus Wise has successfully develop TigerPro™- Tiger Milk Mushroom. It is a stable strain of Tiger Milk Mushroom (NB08), cultivated indoor under the controlled environment. The "green" proprietary cultivation technology of TigerPro™ mimicking the natural growing process of tiger milk mushroom. The tuber produced is natural and organic, with >50% of beta-glucan. Large-scale cultivation of TigerPro™ ensures a consistent and sustainable premium quality supply. 
  • TigerPro™ is the first conducted human clinical study with highest ranking journal publication in respiratory health to improve 27% of lung function and 40% inflammation reduction.
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