TrienolBOOST™ - Microencapsulated Palm Tocotrienol

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Introducing our revolutionary Tocotrienol Complex with Palm Oil extracted using supercritical fluid extraction.  This extraordinary formulation holds tremendous value for cardiovascular health. Tocotrienol's unique structure and exceptional health benefits differentiate it in the vitamin E family. Unlike tocopherol, it effectively penetrates cell membranes due to unsaturated side chains, providing superior antioxidant defense against oxidative stress. Abundant in palm oil, a rich natural source cultivated through green & clean technology, tocotrienol's importance is evident. From oil palm trees, palm oil contains significant tocotrienols, synergizing with other compounds to support heart health, skin vitality, and overall well-being. This special connection emphasizes their collaborative role in human health. As a GMO-free offering from natural sources, we enhance tocotrienol's potential through increased bioavailability and sustained release of active compounds. We employ microencapsulation technology for optimized tocotrienol delivery, ensuring targeted protection and release of benefits as needed.

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Categories Food Supplements / Nutraceuticals; Functional Food; Oils & Fats
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Asia
Product Applications Dietary Supplements; Food Supplements

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TrienolBOOST™ - Microencapsulated Palm Tocotrienol

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