Komecera™ - Rice Ceramide

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Komecera™ - Rice Ceramide, brownish in colour, extracted and refined from rice bran or rice germ contains a large amount of glycosphingolipid. The glycosphingolipid of rice bran is similar to the animal glycosphingolipid, in which the backbone is ceramide including sphingoid bases with fatty acid in an amide linkage, and the terminal hydroxyl group is substituted by glucose. The metabolism of ceramides may suppress apoptosis. Therefore, through the synthesis and metabolic conversion of ceramides, it is possible to control the apoptosis, proliferation and differentiation of skin cells and the formation of the skin barrier. 

Nexus Wise has conducted the first human clinical trial for Komecera™ has been published in Nutrients with Top Rank (Q1). This paper reported the effectiveness fo Komecera™' in improving skin barrier function (m pH, sebum), reducing wrinkle severity, and pigm after 6 weeks of oral consumption.
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Komecera™ - Rice Ceramide

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