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Fair Sourcing and extracting the highest quality of vanilla beans has been the core business of Gazignaire for decades.Vanilla is the world’s all-time favourite taste, Gazignaire has developed across the years a key expertise for providing a comprehensive range of vanilla oleoresins and extracts with fidelity to the original beans olfactive characteristics (vanilla planifolia Madagascar, vanilla planifolia Mexican, vanilla tahitensis, etc.) : 
  • Sustainable & Reliable Sourcing
  • Securing a sustainable supply of vanilla to ensure a certified origin, full traceability and consistent quality, from the processed beans until our oleoresins and extracts
  • Implementing partnerships with local staff for selecting the best quality of vanilla beans
  • Controlling quality and authenticating the origin for our vanilla Bourbon Madagascar oleoresins and extracts
  • Providing reliable information about vanilla crop and the world market reports and trends
The different process of extraction, distillation and blending masterized on the production sites of our Group make Gazignaire one of the leaders for all your projects regarding vanillas:

  • Extracting using volatile solvents: vanilla concretes and absolutes
  • Extracting using ethyl alcohol : vanilla oleoresins (10X, 20X, 30X)
  • Gentle and long-lasting extraction of beans with ethyl alcohol: vanilla infusions (1X, 2X, 3X, etc.)
  • Distillating: vanilla distillates and spirits
  • Steam distillating : vanilla distilled waters
  • Organic certification available for all our vanilla extracts
Our flavouring preparations (concentrated oleoresins) are thereafter used for creating innovative flavourings with liquids, powder or texturized carriers, to meet with the requirements of each food processing industries: taste, concentrations, solubility, texture, etc.

  • Vanilla absolutes
  • Vanilla oleoresins
  • Vanilla liquid & powder extracts
  • Vanilla infusion, distillates and tinctures
  • Natural liquid & powder vanilla flavourings
  • Vanilla paste
  • Vanilla sugars
  • Pure vanilla powders (steam debacterized upon request)
  • Vanilla exhausted powder (steam debacterized upon request)
  • Vanilla exhausted seeds (steam debacterized upon request)
  • Vanilla whole seeds (steam debacterized upon request)
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