Zooca® Calanus® Oil

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Zooca® Calanus® Oil is the newest generation of omega 3 and is the natural lipid extract from the tiny zooplankton Calanus finmarchicus, an ultra-sustainable resource from the North Atlantic Ocean. Besides being eco-friendly, Zooca® Calanus® Oil composition of natural, marine nutrients has shown benefits beyond what is expected from marine oils.
Through its unique combination of raw nutrients in the form of liquid wax, Zooca® Calanus® Oil demonstrates more potency and benefits than other marine oils. Zooca® Calanus® Oil is not only good for your health and wellbeing – it also comes with a good conscience.Evidence of exciting additional benefits is also clear. Solid scientific documentation shows that Zooca® Lipids may enhance muscle mass and function, body composition, pumping capacity of the heart, and exhibits a potent anti-inflammatory effect.
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Categories Fish /Marine ingredients; Oils & Fats; Omegas
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Zooca® Calanus® Oil

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