Almond Oil (Prunus amygdalus var. dulcus)

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DescriptionOne of the most beneficial carrier oil for skin and hair care is extracted from the almonds. The oil has a number of beneficial properties and nutrients making it a perfect cosmetic ingredient. At AG industries, the oil is extracted in a completely organic state by using the cold pressing technique to help the oil retain most of the nutrient contents. Our Almond carrier oil is popular amongst many leading brands across the world and we supply it to many renowned brands.

Almonds, known as PrunusAmygdus is an emollient and deciduous tree. Almonds are native to the Middle East, Indian subcontinent, Southwest Asia and North Africa, and generally grows in a hot climate. Being a great source of Vitamin D, protein and Olein Glyceride Linoleic Acid, the oil is used widely for nourishing the skin through moisturizing when used frequently. It can be used to soothe the irritated areas and dry skin.

ConstituentsThe chemical composition of Almond oil is oleic acid (68%) (C18:1), stearic acid (C18:0), linoleic acid (C18:2), palmitoleic acid (C16:1) and palmitic acid (C16:0), .


Almond oil is used as a carrier oil to dilute the essential oils making them safer to use on skin. This carrier oil has a mild smell, does not evaporate and is absorbed by the skin easily. Due to this property, it is also used in aromatherapy as control treatment and placebo. The massage therapists commonly use oil for massages. Additionally, it can be used as a flavoring in food and can be consumed for various health benefits. The antibacterial, antiviral anti-itch, antispasmodic and antifungal properties make it a useful medical ingredient.

BenefitsThe presence of Vitamin E oil and unsaturated fatty acids are important nutrients. The healthy fat in the almonds oil promotes the health of the heart and is useful in the treatment of diabetes. Vitamin E in oil enhances skin and hair health. Here are few of the benefits of the almond oil:

Regulates CholesterolThe most important benefit of almond oil is the ability to control cholesterol. Regular consumption increases the HDL cholesterol while decreasing the LDL cholesterol in the body.Reduces Heart Disease RiskThe regular use of oil can reduce the risk of Cardio Vascular Disease as per a study conducted in 2014. Chronic inflammation causes heart diseases like high cholesterol and other issues. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative property of the oil makes it an essential ingredient in the diet to reduce the risk of many heart-related diseases.Fights against DiabetesAlmonds and almond oil are helpful in regulating blood sugar level and hence preventing and fighting against diabetes. The research found that regularly consuming almonds in breakfast in any form decreases the level of blood sugar.Keep your Rectum and Colon HealthyAlmost oil is highly effective in keeping your colon and rectum healthy. It also helps in reducing the colon cancer risk.Best for hair and SkincareThe hair and skin care benefit of the almond oil is very well known. To enhance the benefits of the almond carrier oil, adding it to the essential oils can be a very effective method to keep the skin healthy and shinning. The anti-oxidative property protects the skin against UV rays.The oil is quite beneficial in treating dark circles, dislodging the debris within the skin pores and follicles.In short, almond oil is almost as healthy as almonds. Vitamin E and unsaturated fats are its biggest strengths. To enjoy the best benefits of the almond oil, you can use it to garnish your dishes.

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Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia
Supplied from India
Product Applications Beverages; Personal Care; Pharmaceutical
Product Certifications Halal; Organic; Sustainable Seafood

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Almond Oil (Prunus amygdalus var. dulcus)

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