Defoamers & Antifoams | MAGRABAR® MD-4925

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MAGRABAR® MD-4925 is a dry antifoam effective in carbohydrate and protein process streams and can be blended into other dry powders to provide antifoaming action during reconstitution. The recommended starting dosage for MAGRABAR® MD-4925 will vary with the application. MAGRABAR® MD-4925 is formulated with identity preserved non-GMO vegetable oil, food grade emulsifiers and silicon dioxide on an identity preserved non-GMO maltodextrin carrier. There is no practical limitation on its use other than good manufacturing practices.
MAGRABAR® products do not contain any ingredients required to be labeled under the U.S. Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act or defined as substances or products causing allergies or intolerances in Annex II of EU1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers or defined as a food allergen under B.01.010.1(1) of the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations. Refer to the Allergen Statement.
MAGRABAR® MD-4925 is certified Kosher Pareve, free from animal derived ingredients and does not contain soy or polydimethylsiloxane.

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Categories Dairy; Food Supplements / Nutraceuticals; Proteins
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Supplied from Germany; United States
Product Applications Beverages; Dairy; Food Supplements; Healthy Food & Beverages; Proteins; Ready meals; Sports Nutrition; Vegetarian / Vegan Products
Product Certifications Gluten-free; Halal; Health & Safety (GMP, HAACP and equivalents); Kosher; Quality assurance; Sustainable Seafood; Traceable; Vegan; Vegetarian

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Defoamers & Antifoams | MAGRABAR® MD-4925

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