Nestlé launches plant-based egg in Latin America

29 Nov 2022

Nestlé has launched a powdered plant-based protein under its Mahler brand that consumers can add to egg dishes such as omelettes, allowing them to make dishes that are cheaper but still nutritious, it says.

The soy-based product is not a standalone replacement for eggs but is designed to partly replace shell eggs in home-cooking. The final dish has the same amount of protein, fewer saturated fats and cholesterol, and is cheaper than using more shell eggs.

Nestlé launches plant-based egg in Latin America
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"Egg is one of the most widely used protein sources. With this unique solution, we wanted to provide an affordable, nutritious solution that could be used to replace some of the eggs when cooking egg-based dishes. The plant-based dry mix also brings an equivalent amount of quality protein, less cholesterol, while ensuring a good taste and texture," said Torsten Pohl, head of Nestlé's product and technology centre for food.

Soft launch in Central America

Nestlé is currently testing the product in Central America under its Malher brand in a limited number of stores but plans to roll it out across more countries in Latin America.

Lourdes Muñoz, regional manager for Central America at Nestlé, said: "We are excited to test this new concept in Central America, where egg dishes are a major source of protein for many. By replacing some eggs with this shelf-stable plant-based protein, we will not only provide an affordable alternative, but a sustainable one too that many people can use when cooking breakfast, lunch, or dinner."

In addition to being an affordable alternative for consumers, shelf-stable proteins are less complicated for food operators in countries that have limited cold storage supply chains, the Swiss food giant said.

Brazil’s biggest egg producer launched vegan N.Ovo

Nestle’s vegan egg is not the first big brand plant-based alternative in Latin America. In 2019, South America’s biggest egg producer, Brazil’s Grupo Mantiqueira, launched its first plant-based egg product. The product is called N.Ovo – a play on the words egg and new – and is made with pea protein, pea starch and linseed.

The vegan egg substitute is available in powder form but is packaged in a traditional cardbox egg box. To use the product, consumers must mix 11 g of N.ovo with 39 g of water, which yields the equivalent of one large egg of around 50 g. It can be used as a like-for-like egg replacement in applications such as cakes, breads, and baking.

“With N.ovo, your traditional recipes will be softer, fluffier, and more flavourful, as if made with fresh eggs as an ingredient in the preparation,” it says. “It's perfect to use to make cakes, breads, pasta, pancakes, and whatever else your imagination takes you!”

Grupo Mantiqueira worked with non-profit organisation The Good Food Institute (GFI) to develop the product’s formulation and branding. Since this launch, the N.ovo brand has extended its plant-based offering to include egg-free mayonnaise.

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