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100 years ago, Palsgaard founder Einar Schou invented the modern food emulsifier – and laid the foundations of an unrelenting focus on developing sustainable ingredients.

Today, the name of Palsgaard has become synonymous with manufacturing emulsifiers and stabilizers for the global confectionery, dairy, bakery, mayonnaise, margarine and related food industries. And the fast-growing company has production plants in Denmark, Mexico, Malaysia and the Netherlands.

Palsgaard helps manufacturers who want to protect and grow their brands to meet consumer and regulatory demands for greater responsibility. In fact, it is currently the world’s only commercial source of fully sustainable, emulsifiers based on RSPO SG certified palm oil and produced by CO2-neutral factories. The company’s products are non-GMO, and meet halal and kosher requirements, too. 

As a foundation-owned company, Palsgaard is uniquely able to focus on innovations in sustainable ingredients. Recently, for example, it began applying the advantages of sustainable emulsifiers to the polymers industry. 
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Palsgaard highlights quick win for manufacturers seeking sustainable ingredients

8 Jun 2017

Palsgaard highlights quick win for manufacturers seeking sustainable ingredients

At the Sustainable Foods Summit in Amsterdam (1-2 June), emulsifier producer Palsgaard presented valuable insights into how food manufacturers can quickly and easily bring sustainability to their recipes.

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Emulpals® 110 - the safe choice for cake mixes

Make the safe choice

It's a cake mix manufacturer's dream: an emulsifier with a uniform performance in all types of cake mixes and a long  functional shelf-life. 

catalog | 2017-06-30
Leader in activated cake emulsifiers

"Activated cake emulsifiers" is a term used to describe the instant properties of the emulsifier when added to the cake batter. The activation is achieved by placing the emulsifier on the surface of very small starch granules by means of a highly sophisticated extrusion process. 

catalog | 2017-06-30
Palsgaard CSR Report 2016

This is Palsgaard's seventh annual CSR report, covering the 2016 calendar year. It aims to provide a balanced overview that identifies the impacts and risks of our work with food ingredients and functional polymer additives, as well as our activities to counter these and to make positive contributions towards a more sustainable world. This report forms part of the management report in the company’s annual report in compliance with the Danish Financial Statements Act, Section 99a.

catalog | 2017-06-30

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