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PromOat oat beta-glucan is a soluble oat bran fibre, extracted from wholegrain oats without the use
of chemicals. PromOat is a natural source of beta-glucan, the dietary fibre in oat bran that provides
important health and functional benefits. In the body, oat beta-glucan helps to maintain healthy
cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels and healthy digestion. PromOat oat beta-glucan can give
manufacturers and consumers access to healthy foods and beverages. Its beta-glucan content is 32%
or greater, which makes it easy to achieve the daily dosages required for specific health benefit claims.
PromOat is also available as gluten-free.

PrOatein oat protein is a unique, patented natural protein concentrate from oats that can help
manufacturers to meet the fast-growing consumer demand for nutritious, protein-enriched foods and
supplements. PrOatein, like the oat grain it comes from, is rich in essential amino acids, including the
desirable branched-chain amino acids which are important for muscle growth and recovery. Compared to other isolated proteins, it also has a mild and neutral taste. PrOatein has a minimum concentration of 50% protein. 

Healthy Benefits:
- Healthy Cholesterol levels
- Healthy blood glucose levels
- Healthy digestion
- Attractive labelling
  Approved health claims
  Natural Clean-label Ingredient

Functional Benefits:
- Clean tatse, neutral colour, no graininess
- Soluble
- stabiliser and viscosity modifier
- fat substitute

- Nutrition and health supplements
- Bakery- Bread, cakes and biscuits
- Beverages - Shakes and smoothies
- Cereals and bars
- Sports Nutrition
- Dairy alternatives
- Yoghurt and fruit preparation
- Pasta
- Soups, sauces and dressings

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Categories Food Supplements / Nutraceuticals
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe

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natural functional oat ingredient

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