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NutraCollagen FAP functional animal proteins (fap) are specifically designed for the meat industry. Produced from bovine or pork animal skin, meat, fat trimmings, and spalt raw materials. Antioxidants are added to the mixture for the stabilization of fat components. The fap material is then processed by thermal and mechanical treatment. Fap has low, medium and high functionality based on water and oil holding capacities (capacity 1:30-1:40). The available products are 1) nutracollagen fap low (1:4 ratio for water holding) 2) nutracollagen fap medium (1:8 ratio for water holding) functionality: specially designed for meat application high water and oil holding capacity injection and emulsion cold gel properties water soluble (cold and hot) it is used formeat replacement in 1:4 with water, for cold consumed products in combination with an alginate-system for warm consumed products in 1:4 cold gelled granulates ( example hewi-meat) increasing the firmness of cold consumed sausages protein content increasement.
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